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Disgaea 3 dated for Europe

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on 7 January 2009

Square Enix has confirmed that it will be bringing Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice to European territories on February 20, 2009.

Developed by Nippon Ichi, the PlayStation 3 exclusive RPG has players tearing through the ranks at Nether Institute, Evil Academy, where students excel by performing dastardly doings such as skipping classes and failing to hand in their homework on time.

"With Disgaea 3, Nippon Ichi have created a wonderful world full of bizarre characters and deep, addictive gameplay. I hope everyone enjoys playing this unique and rewarding title,” said CEO and president of Square Enix, John Yamamoto.

The game hit North America in August 2008, with Japanese gamers having got their grubby mitts on it last January.