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Heavenly Sword demo coming to PSN very soon

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on 5 July 2007

Mat Hart, head of production behind Ninja Theory’s upcoming PlayStation 3 title Heavenly Sword, has revealed to IGN that a demo of the game should appear on PlayStation Network in “the very near future.”

Writing in the company’s official IGN blog, Hart commented, "I can confirm that we are, of course, going to be releasing a demo for Heavenly Sword... and soon”, he said. "This will be downloadable via the PlayStation Network... so keep an eye out for this in the very near future. And I mean very near future!"

Hart also addressed the possibility of a special edition of the game, instead revealing the decision to "cram the retail release with as many extras as the developer could fit onto Blu-ray". Additionally, subject to demand, he revealed his intention to produce more games in the series, stating, "The story of the Heavenly Sword was developed with a much longer arc in mind than just a single game. In the event that the demand for a sequel is great enough the next 'chapter' will be very exciting indeed!"

Heavenly Sword casts players in the role of a gusty heroine named Nariko, who embarks on an epic quest of revenge against the invasion of a nefarious king and his army. The title of the game takes its name from an ancient weapon named the Heavenly Sword, which drains the life force of any mortal man or woman who bares it. Nariko is a member of the ancient clan who guards the sword from all adversity; however, after all are slaughtered by the invading King, she is forced to bare the sword in a last attempt to quell the evil forces before the power of the sword ultimately claims her life.

Heavenly Sword is scheduled for release in North America on September 4th.