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Confirmed: Persona being remade for the PSP

The PlayStation Portable is shaping up to be the place where games go when they die (out of print). We're speaking specifically about all of the recent Role-Playing Game classics that have been remade for Sony's trendy handheld device. First up was Star Ocean: First Departure, then Square continued it by releasing Star Ocean: Second Evolution. Now, Atlus is jumping on board, as the once rumored Persona remake is now a reality.

Confirmed by an upcoming issue of Famitsu, which released early in some parts of Japan, Atlus plans to remake Persona for the PlayStation Portable with updated cut-scenes and user interfaces. The title is set to release in Japan on April 29, but given the success of Persona 3 and 4 in North America, gamers should expect an announcement regarding a North American release soon.

Atlus isn't putting the brakes on just yet though, as they've also confirmed a remake for another popular RPG franchise of theirs, Growlanser. That makes two stellar RPGs coming for PSP owners over the course of the next year. While some critics may point fingers at the PSP as a dying platform, remakes like these make the asking price of the device worthwhile.