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Resident Evil 5's Chris and Sheva vs. El Gigante

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on 16 February 2009

Fancy a sneak peak at one of Resident Evil 5’s mammoth boss fights? You’re in luck. The folk at GameTrailers have uploaded a preview of Chris and Sheva’s confrontation with a hulking, bearded El Gigante – the large troll-like monster that players first encountered in Resident Evil 4.

We won’t reveal any details of the fight just in case some of our readers do not wish to be spoiled, but suffice to say, the encounter with this lumbering monstrosity is fairly disparate from those found in the previous game.

For those of you who can’t resist a glance, check out the video below.

Resident Evil 5 is due for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 13, 2009.