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Best Buy praises PlayStation 3 price drop

on 12 July 2007

North American retailer Best Buy has praised Sony’s decision to lower the price of PlayStation 3 this week, stating that they believe it will help stimulate interest in the next-generation system.

Speaking with Gamesindustry.biz this week, the company’s Brian Lucas commented, "We think the price move is great and will help drive increased interest, particularly in light of the dual functionality as a BluRay player," he said. "It becomes a viable, cost effective option for people interested in next generation DVD."

As revealed on Monday, Sony has lowered the price of the 60GB PlayStation 3 model by USD 100, also making available a 80GB model complete with a free copy of MotorStorm. However, some companies have since voiced their concerns over the significance the price cut, suggesting that it may not be enough to drive consumer interest in the new console.

In an auspicious announcement however, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO and president Jack Tretton revealed that sales of PlayStation 3 since the price cut have doubled in 5 of the country's top retailers, affirming that consumer interest in the console is as strong as ever.