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Kratos will travel alone in God of War III

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In an interview with CVG, God of War III director Stig Asmussen confirmed that Kratos will travel alone in his upcoming adventure, stating "[God of War III] is a one-player game."

In addition, Asmussen revealed Kratos will have an array of new weaponry this time around, including:

Hermes Boots - Allow Kratos to maneuver up walls and perform aerial attacks
Helios Head - Reveals secret locations and functions in dark areas
Cestus - Powerful lion gauntlets
Fire Bow (temporary name) - Well, this one should be obvious

"There are many more items and weapons, but we will save those for later," said Asmussen.

It will be exciting to see what Sony has stored for us in the coming months as more God of War III info is revealed. Stay tuned to PSU for more information.