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Universal heading to Blu-ray?

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Bluray sales could be persuading the Universal to a Blu-ray business.

Universal has shown an amazing effort to stay HD-DVD exclusive and backs the strategy in every way they can. However the time may have finally come that Universal starts to sell Blu-ray HD movies.

Sales of Blu-ray and several exclusive contracts over the recent months for Blu ray have driven many consumers to use the format, all this has gotten into Universals head. It was just in May that Universal's Ken Graffeo pledged the companies full commitment behind the HD-DVD format citing pricing and interactivity advantages that made the format better than Blu ray.

In almost ever HD format war article signs are showing the clear success Blu-ray has been having since launch, but there are certain things consumers haven’t noticed. For one Toshiba claims nearly 70 percent of the European market share, and second HD-DVD is making a comeback selling more titles in Q2 of 2007.

Universal in no way has to abandon the HD-DVD format to sell Blu ray but the company says the support of both formats could be to great to accomplish at this point. Which could hint at the plans to switch over when HD format sells are greater.

"We're still at such an early stage that it's hard to gauge how [selling Blu-ray] would have any impact," Graffeo says. "When you sell 6 million standard-definition units of a title, and you're selling only about 70,000 in hi-def, it's hard to say, 'Wow, look at what we're leaving on the table."

If Universal begins to publish on Blu-ray, this means that PlayStation 3 owners could be soon watching such titles as The Bourne Identity, Hot Fuzz, and Children of Men.

Source: HDTV UK