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Details on LittleBigPlanet's "The Patch" revealed

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on 18 May 2009

Get ready for an exciting week of announcements regarding everyone's favorite stitched heroes. As recently reported, LittleBigPlanet will receive "The Patch" this week -- but don't get your hopes up for an actual game update. Instead, the 'patch' in question is actually a new "hot spot destination" featuring levels developed by quasi-celebrities, says Sony marketing manager Mark Vallendor on the PlayStation Blog.

"We've had the pleasure to meet a wide variety of great personalities from artists, to athletes, to musicians and allowed them to get their hands on LBP Create tools," explains Vallendor.

The result of these collaborations are levels that "say something" about each creator. The first showcase spotlights artists Joe Vaux and Nathan Cabrera, and skier Sarah Burke. Throughout the week we'll keep you posted on what other personalities LBP has in store.

In addition to the patch, the Monsters Kit and Monster Costume Pack arrive this Thursday. The Monsters Kit, described as a medium pack, will set you back $3.99 USD and includes 26-monster decorations, 96-monster theme stickers, and the "Party Ghouls' Music," track. The Monster Costume Pack is bundled for $2.99, but each of the four costumes can be purchased for $.99 individually. Costumes include werewolf, zombie, Sackula, and Sackula bride.