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SCEE responds to rumored GT5 car list

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on 3 August 2007

Remember that list of 10,000 car list of all cars that were set to be featured in Gran Turismo 5? Yeah, that was false. 1,000 cars? False as well. When speaking to semi-official Sony blog ThreeSpeech, SCEE clarified its position on these rumors.

“Despite news articles claiming that ‘SCEI/Polyphony Digital’ have made an official announcement with regards to GT5 featuring 1000 vehicles, we can confirm that this is pure speculation. It would appear that the list is a mixture of vehicles that were included in previous GT titles, coupled with somebody’s own fantasy garage.

Further details about GT5 will be announced in due course, but for the moment at least, we can confirm that the current car list/speculation, does not come from SCE.”

We all would have liked to see GT5 with thousands of cars, but it looks like it just isn't going to happen. The original source of the story has now also confirmed they were wrong - More details on Gran Turismo 5 when they're available.