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GTA IV won't "make or break" PS3

With news that GTA IV has been delayed until next year, Sony have a made a bold statement over the future of their console in regards to this game.

Dave Karraker, the PR guru over at SCEA, has stated how “Naturally, all of the hardware manufacturers would love to have Grand Theft Auto IV released as soon as possible, but this is such an important franchise we support Take-Two in taking as much time as they need to make a great game”

He then went onto say “No single game makes or breaks any PlayStation platform. Rather than rely on one hit game, we prefer to offer consumers a wide choice in software, appealing to a broader audience beyond just the hardcore gamer”, which is a fair statement. The Xbox only really had Halo, and remember how well that did.

Although, 3 GTA games made up the top 5 PS2 games (along with GT3 and MGS 2), so it’s not like they didn’t help make the PS2.

Either way, expect GTA IV's brilliance around spring time next year.

Stay tuned.

Source: Next Generation