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New content for Ninja Gaiden Sigma in September!

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Fans of the hit title Ninja Gaiden Sigma will enjoy their first content pack in less than a month. Players will soon have the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of content, starting with ‘Survival Mode.’ The first downloadable pack is tentatively set for release on September 13th.

Survival mode will prove challenging for players pitting them against an endless supply of enemies, with their sole purpose to stay alive as long as possible. This mode will feature various options within itself in the future, but the first installment, ‘Weapon Master,’ is what everyone will see in September. “Weapon Master,’ will contain five options allowing players to pick from a cache of weaponry to use while battling.

Coming in future months will be:

Speed Master – where the goal is the speed and accuracy of your attacks/kills
Rachel Master – where players can manage Rachel through five new modes

Coupled with the new content, each new packet will have its own worldwide leader board. This is great news for fans of the franchise and better news for those gamers who have already mastered their skills.

Keep tuned to PSU for future content updates and a review of the new game play.