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Call of Duty: Ghosts - Odin space mission walkthrough and screenshots

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on 26 September 2013

At a Call of Duty: Ghosts press event in London this week, Activision walked us through a new mission that takes place near the beginning of the game and thrusts players into a gravity-defying and exciting battle on a space station, setting up the action nicely for a war that takes place following a kinetic bombardment on the United States.

Owned by the United States air force, the Odin (Orbital Defense Initiative) space station is a weapons platform that is under attack by an unknown group. The action begins with the player floating toward the station using the bumper buttons to ascend and descend through space toward the air-lock door.

On entering the station, the player and his team come immediately under attack from armed enemies floating around the space station’s corridors. It’s a unique and impressively produced sequence that sees the player having to battle against the movement of gravity as well as keeping his gun at the ready to shoot at enemies who spring out at you throughout the short mission.

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