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Gran Turismo 6 Review: one of the final swansongs for PS3

on 10 December 2013

The Gran Turismo series has always been more than just a racing game. Ever since its debut on the original PlayStation 15 years ago, Gran Turismo has been a celebration of the motor industry as a whole with a wide variety of cars, and Gran Turismo 6 is no exception.

With over 1000 cars waiting to be driven like they’re stolen, these cars can fit the bill for anyone. However, the total number is rather inflated due to ar duplicates that GT6 contains. Do we really need over 30 versions of the Mazda MX-5? This inflated number is thanks to the fact that these cars were brought over from GT5, with the 'Standard' and 'Premium' monikers removed; it still isn't difficult to distinguish between them. Not every car made it over from GT5, notable ones like the two Ferrari Formula 1 cars which were presumably removed due to licensing issues.

Another thing Gran Turismo is known for, apart from the wide array of motors, is how long it takes to actually get to drive them. GT6 is no exception to this. The money earned though the main career mode is on par with previous games and car prices are mostly the same, but the day one 1.01 update did drop the prices of the super quick Red Bull X cars from 20 million credits to 6 million and halved the prices of most, if not all, of the Le Mans racing cars.

Now we come to the big elephant in the room, the introduction of the supposed microtransactions. To be honest, they're a non-issue. Firstly, because the game doesn't even acknowledge them and most people wouldn't be aware of them if there wasn't a big fuss made over them. Secondly, the game gives out credits in a way in which you'll only need to grind if you waste your credits. Going for gold on the events in the game is the best way to earn credit, because cars aren't given out as freely as previous games.

GT6 has the most varied and well-executed single player career in the series' history. From the usual races you would expect to more oddball events like the Coffee Breaks, which has events that vary from knocking over cones in an area to trying to do a lap of Suzuka with only 1 litre of fuel. This type of variety is what GT5 was sorely missing and is a welcome distraction from the expected amount of racing. Other events are found in the 'Special Events' section. Included here are the moon rover events and the Goodwood Festival of Speed Trials, which have you driving on the famous stretch of road in various cars from different eras, from the Ford GT40 to the Red Bull X2010 Prototype.