10 PlayStation VR games that would be spectacular on PS4

After Sony confirmed that its long awaited PlayStation VR headset for PS4 would release sometime in 2016, thoughts immediately turned to what sort of games we can expect for the device. Clearly, one of the greatest boons afforded to players by Virtual Reality is the immersion in a far-flung world or reality that just wouldn’t be available in any other circumstances.

playstation vr headset

While the recently released PSVR video did a great job of showing off the device’s technical prowess, here are ten titles that we think would provide tremendously immersive gaming experiences on next year’s PlayStation VR headset.

Alien: Isolation

Ever since Ridley Scott’s original Alien movie terrorised its way onto our screens back in 1979 (yep, it’s been that long), the notion of being locked in a spaceship with a nigh-invincible alien that wants to tear you up in the worst way possible, was/is a terrifying one. With the release of last year’s Alien: Isolation, the PS4 owning masses were treated to a terrifying tour-de-force as Sega’s latest take on the license finally did proper justice to the franchise – neatly distilling the spine-tingling fear and jump scares that characterised the original classic movie.

Now imagine that experience re-engineered for PSVR. Imagine the whirr and beeps of the gloriously rendered, retro-tech computer screens and keyboards as you spin around an abandoned laboratory. Picture the shadows that creep along the wall in your peripheral vision but disappear when you turn the look at them. Imagine the feeling of your heart beating like an infant xenomorph about to burst from your chest as you see the flashing dot on that iconic motion detector get closer and closer to your current position. Simply, just imagine the pure, unadulterated fear of it all washing over you as time and again – this is the sort of thing that PSVR was made for.

You can catch our original review of Alien: Isolation here.


Seemingly looking like a cross between Minecraft and No Man’s Sky, when it was announced at Paris Games Week earlier this month, Boundless from developer Wonderstruck looks to pack in all the right ingredients for a tremendous PSVR experience.

Packing in what looks to be a hefty dollop of procedural world creation, MMO-style adventuring and the ability to explore endless worlds, while we don’t know many other specifics regarding Boundless, using PSVR to be fully immersed in everything that we have heard so far sounds like a grand proposition indeed and a natural fit for the device. Roll on next year.


Id Software’s DOOM has always been a trailblazer. One of the true pioneers of the FPS genre, the franchise has been lauded for its fast-paced, balls-to-the-wall approach to hyper violence and intense shooter action.

Set to make its PS4 debut sometime early next year, this latest entry in the heralded series looks to combine the vicious gunplay that the franchise has been known for with the sort of high-octane, first-person acrobatics that the likes of Mirror’s Edge have been famous for. Adding VR would only serve to heighten the experience as you’re thrust into the middle of a demonic bloodbath, chainsaw in hand or an especially fast and furious multiplayer deathmatch with rockets and shotgun blasts whizzing past your ears. Conversely, it might also cause you to empty yourself all over the floor.

Either way, the results will be impressive.

Far Cry: Primal

The Far Cry titles have always been visceral shooter experiences with alluring settings and next year’s Far Cry: Primal looks to continue that trend. Set for release on PS4 in February 2016, Far Cry Primal throws the player back more than 12,000 years in time as they tangle with gargantuan woolly mammoths, massive feral cats and of course, other tribes of spear-toting warriors as they seek to uncover the secrets of the mystical land of Oros.

In case your imagination isn’t already coming up with a multitude of scenarios that would be brilliant in PSVR, then let me lay a few out for you. Picture yourself riding on the back of a huge elephant, throwing spears at hostile tribesman below as the enormous beast shakes and crashes through snow-blotted trees and frail straw huts. How about a chase scene – imagine that you’re being pursued by a thickly muscled sabretooth tiger and just as it’s about to make you into its evening meal, you plummet off the edge of a cliff; tumbling down a waterfall into the shimmering expanse below.

To say that Far Cry: Primal would make a fine addition to PSVR’s catalogue of titles would be quite an understatement indeed.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Even before EA announced the highly anticipated next instalment in the Mirror’s Edge franchise, the potential of the original 2008 title to excel as a VR-powered game was abundantly clear years ahead of the technology itself.

Fast-forward some seven years to the most recently released gameplay footage of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and its obvious that such a sentiment is now more relevant than ever before. From leaping across rooftops, running up walls, avoiding gunfire and flying kicking bad dudes through sheets of glass, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst would arguably lend itself tremendously well to PSVR integration.

Quite honestly the breathlessly cool, pseudo sci-fi parkour shenanigans of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are probably closest we’ll ever get to a VR game based on The Matrix and really, that’s A-OK with me.

No Man’s Sky

One of the key mantras behind the design of the crazily ambitious No Man’s Sky from Hello Games is that of exploration. From the sensation of looking around the planet that you start on and taking in these alien vistas with their sloping and colourful mountains and bizarre denizens to gazing skyward during nighttime and seeing a starfield cover the sky, with each of those celestial specks representing a whole other planet that you can visit, No Man’s Sky would appear to be almost tailor built for PSVR.

Recently confirmed to release on PS4 in June 2016, No Man’s Sky could triumphantly fulfill that endless fantasy. “To boldly go where no-one has gone before” has long been a maxim of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, but now with PSVR and No Man’s Sky, PS4 players finally have the tools to properly embrace that dream.


Much like Alien: Isolation, SOMA does a grand job of terrifying the player with a pant-soiling mixture of claustrophobic interiors, terrifying beasties while compounding it all with a real sense of anxiety. One of the greatest elements in the horrifying design of SOMA is the sound engineering and how that contributes to the creeping dread that the game’s atmosphere deftly perpetuates.

With its first-person perspective and truly disturbing setting and cast of nightmarish underwater creatures, SOMA could leverage the sense-stroking delights of PSVR like few other games would be able to. So in case you haven’t got the gist by now, PSVR will be absolutely brilliant for first-person horror titles and SOMA would make an excellent addition to the device’s lineup of titles.

Recently, we reviewed the terrifying SOMA; you can read our verdict here.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Whether you’re zipping along in a Rebel Snowspeeder attempting to tie-up the legs of a hulking AT-AT Walker or laying waste to entire division of Imperial Stormtroopers as Luke Skywalker, it’s clear that Star Wars: Battlefront will have no shortage of epic moments for both Star Wars and fans of PS4 shooters alike. I mean seriously, just look at it – the game is shaping up fantastically.

With the opportunities afforded by PSVR these scenarios will only become even more immersive as Star Wars: Battlefront would finally be able to do that precious thing that so many of us dreamt of nearly forty years ago – putting us front and center of our very own Star Wars experience. Of all the games on this list, Star Wars: Battlefront would arguably act as a mainstream lightning rod for interest in the possibilities permitted by PSVR. This simply just needs to happen.

The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition

When we reviewed The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition earlier on in the year we described it as “One of the most intellectually stimulating experiences on PS4, with imaginative puzzles”. With its gorgeous sprawling environments, brain-tickling conundrums and otherworldly narrative, The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition has all the right elements to make it a cracking proposition for Sony’s highly anticipated VR headset.

Certainly, it’s quite likely that there won’t be very many puzzle titles on PSVR but if only one ends up being developed for the device, it should be this one.


There are two great reasons why WipEout would be a great fit for PSVR. Firstly, it would give us a new WipEout game which if it was anything like WipEout HD on PS3, will be brilliant and secondly, the series white-knuckle thrills and super-smooth sixty frames-per-second racing would translate immensely well to PSVR.

Such a great match would a new WipEout title be for PSVR, that it could well be a sales driver for the device. After all, who wouldn’t want to whip around a track in a Feisar craft at over 300 MPH, dodging missiles and dropping mines all the while?

Those are our suggestions for decent PS4 titles for PSVR – what are yours? Sound off in the comments!