10 tips to make money in GTA V

If you ever plan on buying that luxurious mansion in the Vinewood hills or running your own marijuana shop, then you’ll need to make cash in GTA V.

Here’s the 10 best way to make money:

1. Acquire property

There are dozens of businesses and properties that you can buy across Los Santos that will make you cash back. You might buy an aeroplane hangar from where you can traffic drugs and weapons, earning ‘x’ thousand dollars each time you’re successful. You may buy a house and rent it out, or invest in a profitable brothel.

2. Invest in the stock exchange

GTA V features two stock exchanges, the LCN and the BAWSAQ. Both can make you some serious money. Access the exchanges via the internet on your mobile and invest in businesses. Buy low and sell high and make sure you check the prices frequently. The prices on the BAWSAQ will actually be influenced by in-game activity by the global GTA population. If they buy arms in the van-loads then expect shares in Ammu-nation to rocket.

3. Hijack Security Vans

There are security vans all over Los Santos. These are random events but when you do spot one go after it and take it off the road to enjoy a worthwhile pay day.

4. Rob people at ATMs

ATMs are not just great for checking out your swelling bank balance, but if there’s someone just about to withdraw cash then it’s worthwhile taking their hard-earned cash straight out of their pockets.

5. Retrieve stolen wallets

If you hear the sound of police sirens then, as long as they’re not after you, it’s worth investigating. Often you’ll come across a robbery taking place and you can chase down the thief. You then get the option to take the wallet and bag the cash or return it to the owner for a reward.

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6. Hold-up a shop

Shops have cash registers and robbing them can be extremely lucrative. Just make sure you come packed with enough ammunition and ensure you have a good getaway car and a planned escape route as the cops will soon be on your tail.

7. Take part in a race

Take part in street, off-road and sea races to bag yourself some extra cash. Never turn up at a race unless you’re in a car that is worthy of beating its competitors. It’s not hard to find one; the streets of GTA V are filled with great vehicles.

8. Visit question marks to meet with strangers and freaks

Side missions are marked with a ‘?’ and often yield rewards. For example, you can partake in simple ‘A’ to ‘B’ car towing missions to bag some extra cash.

9. Search for hidden items

GTA V is full of hidden items. Obviously we can’t tell you where to find them, but it’s often worth bringing Franklin’s trusty Rottweiler Chop with you as he has a nose for sniffing out packages.

10. Carry out a heist

Heists can bag you hundreds of thousands of pounds but are the most dangerous activity to carry out in Los Santos. Heists require picking the right team for the job and the right equipment. Be careful after a heist as the police pursuit can be relentless.

GTA V launches on September 17. Stay tuned for our review.