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Sony Releasing a 2TB PS4 Pro in Japan

new ps4 pro

Gamers in Japan will be able to buy a brand-new 2TB PS4 Pro from the 21st November, Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed.

Attired in the same Jet-Black casing as the standard PlayStation 4, this absolute beast of a console has been listed at a recommended retail price of 44,980 Yen (not including tax). That’s approximately £309 in the UK or $398 in the US.

Team Your 2TB PS4 Pro with the Copper DualShock 4

Released in the west a few weeks’ back in September, SIE will also be releasing the Copper variant of the DualShock 4 wireless controller alongside the 2TB PS4 Pro in Japan.

Costing 6,480 Yen (£45/$57.50), the rather attractive-looking controller will only be available for a limited time. So gamers will have to get their orders in quick.

Copper DualShock 4
The Limited-Edition Copper DualShock 4

Need Extra Storage Space?

Given the size of games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Black Ops 4, a 2TB version of the PS4 Pro is a sensible move on Sony’s part.

However, the only version of the PlayStation 4 that offers this amount of in-built storage space currently in the west is the commemorative 500 Million Limited-Edition PS4 Pro. The gorgeous translucent blue console released in August of this year.

Which are, unsurprisingly, pretty tricky to get hold of; not to mention prohibitively expensive for the majority of gamers.

Otherwise, the only real alternatives are to buy an external hard-drive (although this can be similarly expensive, depending on the amount of storage you require) or simply uninstall games as and when you’ve finished playing them.

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Source: PlayStation Japan