4 crucial Pyre tips you should know before you play

Pyre is a fairly straightforward game, but it’s got lots a few bits and pieces that aren’t explicitly stated, or that are left for the player to discover on their own. There are probably more secrets I have yet to uncover, but before you start your own playthrough, here are a few Pyre tips and tricks to get your journey to freedom off on the right foot.

Explore the Wagon Frequently
Any time you have the option to proceed with your quest, you have the chance to pop into the wagon and look around, and there is much to gain from doing so. First, any time you see a comrade inside, you can strike up conversation to learn more about them. On occasion if you leave them in high spirits, they might even gain a stat bonus for the next Rite.

Additionally, as you progress you’ll collect trinkets from many locations as keepsakes, and a lot of them can be interacted with. Some might flash or make fun sounds, but the most important ones can net you a bit of pocket change. Sometime after completing your first Liberation Rite you might find that you’ve got vines on the back wall – you can pluck a berry from that after each Rite, and sell it for 5 gold. Likewise you should eventually see some mushrooms in the foreground. These can also be picked and sold for around 7 gold. It’s not much on its own, but dutifully plucking those goods and selling them regularly ensures a steady little allowance.

There is no Game Over
Failing in a Rite does not mean you must try again until you win. The story will continue regardless of whether you win or lose in these matches. This is equally true for Liberation Rites. If your team fails in a Liberation Rite, the opposing team’s leader will be liberated, and the entire team will be removed from the line-up of rivals going forward.

However, if you wish to strive for a perfect record and are about to lose, you do have the option of replaying any Rite by simply pressing the Options button at any time during the match and selecting Restart Rite. There is no penalty for this, so feel free to replay any matches as many times as it takes to get the outcome you desire.

Sandra Only Summons Each Ally Once
Since Sandra calls each ally fairly early in their individual development, you’d be forgiven for thinking that she would continue to summon them as their skills increase, offering greater rewards for greater challenges. This is not the case. Once you have completed her challenge for any given character and received their special talisman, that’s all. One challenge and one unique talisman per character.

Sell Old Talismans
This can apply to any talisman you find you haven’t used in a while, but mostly this is regarding talismans specific to certain characters. *MINOR SPOILER AHEAD* After completing Sandra’s trials in the Beyonder Crystal, she rewards each character a single talisman for them, and them alone. If a character who has received this blessing is subsequently liberated, you will have no use for the item going forward. That party member never returns to your ranks, so you may as well free up the inventory space and pocket the gold.

Have you figured out any other interesting tidbits or stumbled upon neat secrets? Let us know in the comments!