40 PlayStation VR games that should be on your virtual reality radar

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Discover the best PlayStation VR games in one place.

We’ve played almost every game for PSVR, and below you’ll find a short snippet about each game and a link to it’s full review.

Before you check out our verdict on our alphabetical list of PSVR games, read our PlayStation VR review of the hardware.

As well as getting hands-on with some of the best PS4 games, we’ve reviewed tons on PlayStation VR games, including the best games for PlayStation VR Aim, and spent a lot of time in virtual-reality with Sony’s headset.

So, check out the summary of each PSVR game and click on the links to read the reviews.

PSVR game reviews

100ft Robot Golf review: A decent party game that’s fun with friends, 100ft Robot Golf is bonkers. It’s not always fun though, with slow robots, poor VR support and short play time.

Archangel review: There's a lot of potential with Archangel, but when so much potential is unrealized, then the end product loses its luster.

Arizona Sunshine review: Arizona Sunshine is a frenetic, VR powered, zombie blasting romp that stands as the next must-have title for the PSVR Aim Controller.

Batman Arkham VR review: In Arkham VR, you are Batman like never before, thanks to Rocksteady's convincing virtual reality and an involving story full of satisfying moments.

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Battlezone VR review: Battlezone excels mostly in its four-player co-op mutliplayer offering where team-work, strategy and upgrading efficiently really matters. The mother of all tank games is back with a huge virtual reality bang.

DiRt Rally VR review: The PSVR update to Dirt Rally not only serves to considerably refresh Codemasters consummate 2016 racer, but also give PSVR owners their next must-have purchase. Dirt Rally on PSVR is utterly essential.

Driveclub VR review: Though a sizeable visual step down from the regular version of the game, DriveClub VR remains a worthy offering. Boasting tons of content, great handling and some cleverly implemented VR immersion, it's a worthwhile buy for PSVR owners looking for a decent racing game to showcase their latest purchase.

Eagle Flight review: A unique experience with plenty of replay value, Eagle Flight is as fun as it gets right now on PlayStation VR.

Farpoint review: Beyond its central conceit of virtual-reality shooting, Farpoint is the very definition of mediocre. But that shooting–especially in Cooperative Mode–is compelling, well-executed, and undeniably fun.

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Fated: The Silent Oath review: The Silent Oath is an excellent story-driven game that brings out the very best of virtual reality's application and is one that certainly deserves a sequel.

Harmonix Music VR review: There's little value and almost no substance in Harmonix Music VR. Its drab modes and environments fail to add anything interesting to the music listening experience.

Headmaster review: Headmaster VR provides a fun, albeit simple, set of objectives that entertains with its dark humor and surreal lessons. The tracking controls are spot-on, making every successful header feel incredible satisfying.

Here They Lie review: An engaging surrealist horror that is elevated by some great sound design and a wonderfully nihilistic setting, Here They Lie might not change up the formula too much but it remains an effective PSVR scare-a-thon that you don’t want to leave in the ground.

How we Soar review: Bolstering the ever increasing ranks of PSVR efforts that place a premium on calm and relaxation over challenge and depth, How We Soar is a charming title that embraces calming spectacle over mechanical ambition.

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I Expect You To Die review: One of the best puzzle games of 2016. Addictive, fun and clever.

Job Simulator: A brief delight with satisfying gameplay and irreverent charm, Job Simulator is an early standout on PlayStation VR.

Kismet review: Kismet looks great and is a fun 15 minute experience for the low price point, but ultimately it lacks depth and interaction.

Lethal VR review: Though an ambitiously modest venture, Lethal VR nonetheless hits all the right targets when it comes to fashioning a compelling arcade blaster stuffed with enough engaging score chasing activities to keep players busy for a good while.

Loading Human: Chapter 1 review: Overly fiddly controls combined with a brief duration, slow starting narrative and inflated price point make Loading Human’s opening episode difficult to recommend, which is a shame given the sizeable ambition that lurks behind its otherwise subpar execution.

Perfect Review: If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a meticulously rendered world for a few minutes at a time, or just relax for a bit after a stressful day, then Perfect has you covered. If however, you’re expecting anything, anything more than that then Perfect simply doesn’t do enough to maintain interest.

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PlayStation VR Aim Controller review: An excellent PlayStation VR peripheral that enhances first-person shooters. Feels comfortable to hold and the superb button layout means it’s intuitive to use. Just got to hope that more games will support it.

PlayStation VR Worlds review: PlayStation VR Worlds provides a solid introduction to PlayStation VR, giving you a taste of what the technology is capable of. The experiences, however, are a mixed bag and fairly brief with little replay value. The London Heist proves to be the gem among these five mini-games.

Resident Evil 7 review: Representing a T-Virus level shot in the arm for Capcom's venerable survival horror franchise, Resident Evil 7 combines old and new alike to create the most essential entry in the series since its fourth core instalment.

Rez Infinite review: Brilliantly accessible with sufficient difficulty and depth, Rez Infinite is the next evolution of the arcade shooter. This cult classic is made better and more beautiful by VR.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League review:With a great range of mechs and intense pick-up-and-play action, RIGS goes to show that PlayStation VR could be great for shooters. The lack of game modes makes it rather light on content, but overall it’s a blast.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties review: Look, this is not the Tomb Raider that you know and love and arguably there are far better implementations of VR than this. Furthermore, for folks looking to immerse themselves in the lore of Tomb Raider's third rebooted continuity, there is sadly only very limited appeal in slowly wandering about Lara's old stomping grounds. A missed opportunity.

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Robinson: The Journey review: If you want to show off PSVR to your friends, Robinson: The Journey is the game that you use to do it. Equally, if you want to lose yourself in your very own Jurassic Park-style fantasy, Robinson: The Journey is undoubtedly a triumph in this respect; just don't expect to find an overly challenging core lurking underneath its resplendent veneer.

Sports Bar VR review: Over-sensitity of Move controllers can be frustrating as can the incredible efficient A.I., but overall Sports Bar VR is a fun party game when playing online.

Starblood Arena review: Though the premise is intriguing, and the game does have its moments from time to time, StarBlood Arena isn't quite in the same league as PSVR's launch effort, RIGS.

Star Trek Bridge Crew review: Best enjoyed with friends, Bridge Crew is not just one of the most enjoyable and polished Star Trek titles to date, but also a real feather in the cap for PSVR.

Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One – X-Wing review: Essentially fifteen minutes of the most exquisitely crafted Star Wars fan service that I've ever seen.

SuperHyperCube review: Limited in scope but easy to play and difficult to put down, SuperHyperCube might not be the flashiest PSVR title out there, but it is a resoundingly enjoyable one for both experienced and new PlayStation players alike.

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Surgeon Simulatror ER review: Far less fun than both it could and should have been, Surgeon Simulator ER is undone by poor PSVR implementation and lack of additional content over the previous non-VR release.

Symphony of the Machine review: Symphony of the Machine is a short puzzle game that really taps into the concepts of virtually reality. The game is kept simple, whilst the puzzles are tactical and challenging. If you are looking for a great VR puzzle game that should only take a few hours to complete, give this gem a spin.

Superhot VR review: PSVR feels like it was made for this simply because Superhot VR is indomitable proof of life for Virtual Reality as a gaming platform. If you have PSVR this needs to be your next game.

Tethered review:Despite falling shy of true greatness, Tethered is nonetheless just what Sony’s new gaming platform needs to convince the naysayers of its suitability for ‘traditional' gaming experiences. This is one PSVR title that you'll want to hold onto.

The Assembly review: Nice concept, but an under-developed storyline, simple puzzles and graphical issues make The Assembly one of the PSVR launch games to avoid.

Tiny Trax review: Fun is woven into every aspect of Tiny Trax being, and while the lack of additional modes and relatively no-frills VR implementation both leave something to be desired, the skilful handling model will keep most wannabe racers of all ages coming back for more.

Tumble VR review: Despite the over-sensitivity of the motion controls, bringing the original, addictive puzzle game into a brand new virtual reality setting works extremely well. A solid and enjoyable puzzle game to kick off the genre on PlayStation VR.

Unearthing Mars review: Unearthing Mars takes you on a journey from your living room to the red planet in 10 short levels. Push a few buttons, twiddle some knobs and that's about all there is to this title.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood review: A solid introduction to VR scares, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a surreal and creepy experience that keeps you on the edge of the seat, though more could have been done to take horror games to the next level.

Wayward Sky review: Though relatively slight in duration, Wayward Sky proves to be an easy recommendation for PSVR owners. With its charming story and visuals, clever use of depth and remarkable suitability for younger players, Wayward Sky easily cements its place as one of the most intriguing games in the launch line-up for PSVR.

Weeping Doll review: With the promise of far better PSVR horror titles on the horizon, not to mention the superior Here They Lie being available right now, the only thing that will be weeping will be you if you buy this subpar, scare-free effort.

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