40GB PS3 sells out at CompUSA

Looks like this holiday season is already kicking off tremendously for the PlayStation 3. With the recent announcement of the 40GB PS3 set at a price of $399, gamers all over who did not already own a PS3, immediately began to ponder about purchasing one.

Proof of that concept shows with the CompUSA online store as the 40GB PS3 which comes with the Spiderman 3 Blu-ray packed inside, is sold out. Yes, that is right, sold out until more stock comes in. This is an instant reminder to around this time last year when the PS3 was in high demand. Consider that it is still early in November and we are nowhere near Black Friday. So if you are one of pose individuals that will be seeking out a 40GB PS3 either for yourself or as a gift for another, then please do not take this likely and make sure that you snag one as soon as possible.