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5 Best Upcoming PS4 Games In The PSN Store Update – February 20

upcoming ps4 games psn store update

Get the lowdown on all the upcoming PS4 games available in the PlayStation Store Update this week. We’ve picked five games that stand out, but you can also see the full list of new PS4 releases.

Best Upcoming PS4 Games This Week

Armored Warfare

The number one reason to try out the new tank-based MMO is it's free, so you might as well go and see what it's all about. Secondly, it's damn good and easy to get into compared to similar games like War Thunder or World of Tanks. In our impressions piece from the recent early access on PS4, we described it as “an impressive and ambitious take on vehicle warfare”. There's ton of customization, epic tanks battles and PvE and PvP modes! Find out more about Armored Warfare.

Past Cure

Past Cure is an ambitious game from an eight-man studio. The dark psychological thriller aims to take players on a cinematic ride that dips in and out of the dream world and reality. In the game, you use your mind-bending mental abilities like astral projection and time manipulation to survive. For each enemy you encounter there's multiple ways to take them down via action or stealth. It's all bound together with a compelling storyline!

The Station

If you love story-driven games, then The Station is right up your street. This sci-fi themed walking simulator is set on space station where its crew are investigating an alien civilization. There's plenty of puzzles to solve and an intriguing mystery to unravel as you delve deeper into the disappearance of your crew.

Metal Gear Survive

Though the brilliant Hideo Kojima isn't behind the latest Metal Gear game, you can't fail but take notice of one of video game’s most loved franchises. Konami's latest survival action-adventure is set between the Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain and takes place in an open-world setting. With a fresh take on the series, it remains to be seen whether fans will take to Metal Gear Survive, but it's definitely worth keeping an eye on.


Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

The stunning Sword Art Online universe is back as players explore the world of Gun Gale Online. Build a party, equip your weapons and skills and get set to embark on a new journey. In Bandai Namco's latest action-RPG, you'll meet up with the colorful characters of the Sword Art Online novels and anime as you customize your character to be the most powerful in the universe.

Alongside our recommended upcoming PS4 games this week, you can also still pick up the PlayStation Plus February 2018 games if you're a PS Plus subscriber. These are the other upcoming PS4 games in this week's store update:

Upcoming PS4 Games in PSN Store Update - Feb 20

Note: Some games release later in the week.

  • Abo Khashem – PS4
  • Apex Construct – PS VR
  • Deadbolt – PS4, PS Vita
  • Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX Edition – PS4
  • Konrad the Kitten – PS VR
  • Little Adventure on the Prairie – PS4, PS Vita
  • Premium Pool Arena –
  • Rad Rodgers – PS4
  • Restless Spirit – PS VR
  • Run Dorothy Run – PS VR
  • Symmetry – PS4
  • Tiles – PS4
  • Xenon Valkyrie + – PS4