E3 2015 | Electronic Entertainment Expo Feature

6 games we want to see more of at E3 2015

 The E3 hype train is chugging along at a steady pace, picking up speed as we get ever closer to the yearly games expo. Talk of Fallout, XCOM, Dark Souls and a bunch of other intriguing new prospects hang heavy in the air, but what about the games we’ve heard about before yet seen very little of? Games that are wrapped in mystery, being reborn or just simply remain as a title on a page. These are the games we want to know more about by the end of this year’s show.

E3 2015 games

Day Z/H1Z1

We paired these two up as they are essentially the same game at heart. Day Z was thrown into Sony’s conference pretty casually last year, but it it was a pretty big deal, and while we know it’s a game still very much in development and still beset by problems on the current PC build, it would still be nice to at least get some early footage of it running on PS4. It would also be great to show us where the developers are making changes that help to complement the limited nature of a controller over a keyboard and mouse. Interest in Day Z has waned a huge amount since that announcement so it would be a good time to show it off and give it some relevance once again.

H1Z1 would have been a dead cert for more info on the PS4 version this year, but in that time Sony sold off their online division (SOE); a division that included H1Z1 among other massively-multiplayer titles like Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online. We’ve been assured it was still coming, but nothing of note has been seen in quite some time, suggesting the zombie-slaying MMO is likely being ported to Xbox One too now that the renamed Daybreak Game Company is free of platform restrictions.

Dead Island 2

A snazzy trailer got people’s attention, though early gameplay footage of Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager’s take on the shuffling horde mutilator was far less promising. With original developers Techland branching off to make the successful Dying Light for Warner Bros, it seemed that publisher Deep Silver couldn’t handle the thought of the Dead Island franchise being upstaged so radio silence met any query on a solid release date (It should have been out by Spring) until eventually the company grudgingly announced they were delaying Dead Island 2 till 2016. Here’s hoping that a refreshed version of the game is shown off at E3 to show the public the extra time is being well spent.

Criterion’s New Racer

The needlessly rebooted Need for Speed is already on EA’s slate for E3, but last year Burnout creators (what’s left of them anyway) Criterion presented concept art for a racing game with a difference. One that featured many types of land, sea and air vehicles competing against each other in some way. Mysterious, exciting and ambitious stuff, yet since then there has been diddly squat said about it. It could be canned, it could be held back to allow Need for Speed room to breathe. Or perhaps the first gameplay footage of this racer could be showcased at EA’s E3 conference. Whatever happens, here’s hoping they at least let everyone know if it actually exists or has become vaporware.

Minecraft: Story Mode

A terrible idea? A step too far into Greedyland by Telltale? Quite possibly both, but there remains a level of curiosity as to how exactly the episodic storytelling that Telltale has refined in recent years will translate into a game about digging holes and creating giant phallic towers (What? Is that not how everyone else plays it?). Maybe a metagame where Minecraft’s hero Steve realises he’s in a virtual world at the mercy of obsessed eight-year-olds? Who knows, but it’ll be interesting to find out.

No Man’s Sky

We’ve still only seen mere glimpses of Hello Games’ space-faring procedural universe. So much is unknown about the highly ambitious project apart from maybe one very important fact. Sony are treating it like a first-party release and that should speak volumes. Simply put, No Man’s Sky should be one of the jewels in Sony’s E3 conference crown. It should be more than a few minutes of gameplay and it’s the perfect time to unleash a barrage of details that finally tell us if this is truly going to be a game of great importance to the PlayStation brand or just another promising concept given too much hype. Here at PSU, the feeling is definitely more in the former camp. Hopefully this month, we will find out.

Silent Hills

I haven’t heard anything about this in ages. Here’s hoping Konami and Kojima have something to show in the coming weeks.