6 things you need to know about the Fallout 4 trailer

It’s here and it’s taken the internet by storm!

Fallout 4 is amongst us and gamers around the world are crying tears of nostalgia. Bethesda’s action role-playing game is already on everyone’s reader for one of the most anticipated PS4 games, and we here at PlayStation Universe are no exception.

The trailer has blown up all over social media and barely anyone can look through their timelines without seeing something pertaining to Fallout 4.


There have been many rumors and hints that Fallout 4 would take place in Boston. Now that the trailer has been released it has officially been confirmed. There are so many historical sites and missions that could take place throughout Fallout 4 it’s almost overwhelming to think about!

1. Alternating timelines?

Fallout 4 PS4 screenshot

We see throughout the beginning of the trailer that it switches between the past and the present. Could this be a hint of alternate storylines of two playable characters? This could just be made for the trailer, but we have never seen Bethesda fully animate past occurrences before the Fallout. Just an interesting thought, but it would be an incredible new feature for Bethesda to try out. Let’s just hope it’s not as annoying as Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

2. Dog!

Fallout 4 dog

Yet again the player appears to be given a lovely companion. Dogmeat was an awesome indestructible dog (if you had the expansion packs) in Fallout 3. Players loved the fact that he could serve as a distraction while you took out your foes. Having a dog again would be a great companion to have as you venture out into the wasteland alone.

3. More voice acting?

Fallout 4 voice acting

At the end of the video the Vault 101 dweller actually talks! This means for the first time we get to hear the playable character speak and interact with the world around him/her. This could be good and bad thing. For players that just want to play and skip the "boring" dialogue this feature could be very annoying. On the other hand, players who enjoy hearing the fine craft of voice acting will probably have a hay day. Another voice acting subject that is sure to come into speculation is who will be the celebrity voice actor in the game? Not sure how you can beat Liam Neeson being your dad.

4. New Brotherhood armor!

Fallout 4 armor

The iconic brotherhood of steel armor is one of the most important images in the Fallout universe. It’s more than just huge bulky armor that can get the player through some heavy gun fire. It represents the only authority in the wasteland, government, and a little bit of hope. The new armor in the Fallout 4 trailer has an excellent design to it and Fallout fans everywhere are excited to see what the specs are. Also, Vault-Boy bobble head!

5. Vehicles?

Fallout 4 vehicles

In the trailer we see various airships flying through sky. In Skyrim players were able to ride horses and dragons throughout the land. Maybe Bethesda realized how important getting through large maps are and are providing vehicles for the first time! The only downside to that is the fact that the Elder Scrolls and the Fallout series is all about exploration and smelling the roses. If you give a player something that makes traveling faster, then you have defeated the purpose in exploration.

6. Missions

Fallout 4 missions

Boston is sure to provide Fallout players with tons of eventful missions and side quests. With all of the insane people the fallout created it would be interesting to see some crazy Brits trying to reenact the Boston Tea Party incident or maybe even trying to start another American Revolution. The possibilities are endless and waiting almost doesn’t seem like an option after seeing that amazing trailer.

Good idea, Andrew! Also for those of you who collect these little figures….