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A Plague Tale: Requiem Hits 3 Million Players, Developer Working “Another Exciting Project”

A Plague Tale: Requiem developer Asobo Studio and published Focus Entertainment celebrated that its latest entry in the sibling saga has reached more than 3 million players.

Part of the celebration revealed that Asobo will once again be working with Focus Entertainment to build “another exciting project,” though nothing more was said about this title currently in development.

That being said, recent job listings have seemed to be pointing to a third installment in the Plague Tale franchise on the horizon, which wouldn’t be a surprise considering the millions of players already invested in the game and story.

“A heartfelt thank you to the 3 million players who embarked on the haunting journey of A Plague Tale: Requiem!” said Focus Entertainment in its Twitter post.

“Your support and passion means everything to us. Seizing the moment, we’re delighted to reveal our renewed collaboration with Asobo Studio for another exciting project!”

Whether or not it is a third installment of the Plague Tale series, Asobo Studios has proven their narrative chops and then some with these first two games. It would be just as exciting to see a brand new IP from the team, before they return to the next entry in A Plague Tale.

Source – [Focus Entertainment]