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“A Single Line Of Code” Will Wreak Havoc In Apex Legends No Longer, Respawn Discovers A “Needle In A Haystack” Root Cause Of Numerous Bugs

Apex Legends players have, for multiple seasons, complained about issues with the game’s audio.

There’s not yet come a fix from Respawn which seems to have satisfied everyone, but there has been a major fix discovered from this season, at least.

It appears that “a single line of code” regarding Season 16’s new weapon, the Nemesis AR was wreaking havoc, causing issues and bugs in such a way that it was incredibly difficult for Respawn to figure out their root cause.

Explaining in a Reddit post, the team went into detail as to what was happening each time this issue would come up, and why it was so difficult to detect.

“The Nemesis has a particle effect that ramps up when heating up, but when it’s uncharged we don’t need to waste resources playing it as the effects are concealed inside of the weapon. So, when the weapon gets updated we would simply stop this particle effect if the weapon had no charge.

Every time the server simulates an input from the weapon’s owner, this particular line of code is executed. Players send in their inputs for every single frame that is run on their client, and it’s the server’s job to simulate all of these inputs. This means that every single player with an uncharged Nemesis would create a “stop particle” “effect” on the server every frame, and this line of code was being called even when the weapon was holstered.

This immediately explained how this would occur more often at high-level play with the issue being directly correlated to the framerate of each client that had a Nemesis. 14 clients with a Nemesis running at 180fps would be enough to cause FX to begin being dropped. This also explained how this wasn’t seen during internal testing. The builds used for testing might not have had enough holstered Nemesis in play, had a rarer correlation with missing FX, or didn’t have enough clients at that fps – something for us to keep in mind and improve on for future testing.”

Respawn said it had “noticed the problem soon after the release of Season 16,” though due to the nature of it, finding out where exactly the issue was coming from took a fair bit of digging.

” Every season update comprises thousands of changes to assets, code, script, and levels. Which meant finding a needle in a haystack.”

Respawn will continue to work on Apex Legends’ and fixing any bugs it can, and even acknowledged ahead of this explanation that though the update which brings the fix for the issue caused by the Nemesis AR won’t fix “all audio and visual concerns raised by the community, we are dedicated to improving awareness on the battlefield.”

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