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Apex Legends Season 17 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Ballistic’s Abilities

Apex Legends is due to head into a new season titled Season 17: Arsenal this coming May 9, 2023, and unlike last season, a new legend will be joining the fray.

Ballistic is the latest to enter the arenas, and while we’ve seen some gameplay from this upcoming season, a new gameplay trailer revealed on Thursday really shows the old legend August Brinkman in all his glory.

And we get a breakdown of his abilities through some delightful narration by original Legend, Pathfinder, who never seems to lose his optimistic charm.

We also got a quick look at a few of Ballistic’s finishers, each with their own Ballistic tongue and cheek charm.

You can check out the new trailer for yourself, here.

A new Legend isn’t the only exciting thing in Season 17, as there are also plenty of other changes coming to the rest of the game. World’s Edge is getting a new look, and the Firing Range has evolved to a whole other level.

Source – [Respawn]