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Abandoned Creator Says He Reached Out To Konami Following Silent Hill Speculation

Blue Box Game Studios‘ Hasan Kahraman has revealed during a chat with Sacred Symbols+ that he reached out to Konami amidst speculation that Abandoned was somehow related to Silent Hill.

I reached out to them, I was stressed out because people thought it was Silent Hill. It got so out of hand, and you know, you’re this small developer, you’ve never had a big audience, you’re inexperienced. I reached out to Konami saying like, ‘Hey you know what, it was never my intention’ and they were really cool.”

Not long after Abandoned was announced, speculation began spreading like wildfire that it was actually a fakeout by Hideo Kojima similar to what the Metal Gear creator did with The Phantom Pain.

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Just recently, Blue Box Game Studios had to deny reports that Abandoned had been cancelled, after the studio seemingly removed a bunch of tweets about the game’s future.

As far as we know, Abandoned is in development for the PS5, although we’re still no closer to getting a release date.

[Source – VGC]