Ace Combat 7 interview reveals brand new details

In an Ace Combat 7 interview with Weekly Famitsu, conducted with producers Kazutoki Kono and Masashi Koyanagi, we learned some interesting snippets of information from the upcoming PlayStation 4 game.


fighter plane from Ace Combat 7


Here are some of the roughly translated interview excerpts:

At first the team wanted to make a PSVR mode in the main story, however they underestimated it, so they ended up splitting the main story and PSVR contents in completely and separate development lines.

  • Summer Lesson’s Producer and Director Aya Tamaki is also joining the team.
  • About the scenario, the visuals look like AC5, but the taste may be closer to AC04.
  • The theme this time is various “contrasts”. Unmanned and manned planes and old and young pilots.
  • The F-104 was added because it serves a purpose in the story.
  • AC7 is in the same world setting as 04 and 5 and takes place roughly 10 years after AC5. The locations that showed up in the past series will be explained thoroughly with the story flow.
  • As of now, the game’s development is roughly 50% complete.

The latest Ace Combat 7 trailer from PSX 2016 shows off some of the intense dog-fighting action in all its glory.

Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the Ace Combat 7 PS4 release date has yet to be announced.

Source: Gematsu