Activision gives release window for COD5

With the success of Call of Duty 4 still being felt on the backburner behind the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, Activision has stepped back up to the plate to let its fanbase know that they can expect Call of Duty 5 during the Fall (Autumn) of this year.

Being developed by Treyarch, and not Infinity Ward, leaves a lot of gamers wondering if the same appeal Call of Duty 4 had will be translated over to COD5 with a new developer team. It’s not surprising to expect Activision to assume gamers will just be looking to get their hands on another edition of Modern Combat set in a "new military theatre."

With Call of Duty 4 selling over three million units worldwide on the PlayStation 3 alone, it won’t come as a shock if its successor follows suit. We’ll keep you guys up to date if any new information is set free from Activision about this title.