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Adidas Is Releasing A Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Collection Complete With Symbiote And Advanced Suit Inspired Shoes, Sweatshirts And More

If you’re all in on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as your big game for the end of the year, and can’t wait to do anything beyond play it, then we won’t remind you that PSU is currently playing it for review (keep watch here on October 16 to see our thoughts).

What we’ll do instead is point you to Adidas new collection inspired by Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man adventure, with shoes, sweatshirts, tights and cleats all with designs inspired by the Symbiote and Advanced Suit from the game.

A pair of the Adidas Ultra 4D Advanced, and the Ultraboost J shoes are in the collection, along with the Adizero 12.0 football cleat.

The collection will be available on October 20, 2023 to coincide with the game’s release, so if you’re planning to grab it along with the game you’ll need to be prepared.

There’s a chance your local retailer could be carrying the collection, but otherwise you’d be wise to be ready on the Adidas app, the Adidas website, or some lucky PS Plus subscribers will get an email, inviting them to sign up and be ready for the chance to buy a pair of shoes from the collection before anyone else.

Source – [Marvel via IGN]

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