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Agony All Endings: How to Unlock

agony all endings

Agony all endings unlocked! Agony is the newest dark, survival, fantasy, and horror game released by Madmind Studio. The first-person gameplay gives the player get a first-hand experience of exploring the depths of Hell. It’s brutal, as this uncensored Agony footage shows.

Not only the game is full of mystery of the underworld, it also features a whole bunch of unlockables, including multiple endings. There are seven endings in total which make the game more exciting and thrilling because you'll never know how and where you'll end up based on your decisions. Here we give you tips how to unlock Agony all endings.

Ending 1- Normal

Simply defeat the last boss in final game level and you will get the basic ending of Agony. If you did not get involve meeting the other requirements of other endings, then you will get the normal one. You can also gain the Scarlet Woman achievement from this.

Ending 2- Evil

You must kill at least 70 characters (of any type) to get the Evil ending which might be a lot of killing to do. Also, you must reach the Cathedral on level four. Finishing this ending will unlock the Good and Evil achievement/trophy.

Ending 3 – Madman

It needs more effort and patience to reach this ending. You have to make your way up to the Mushroom Mind. Once you're there, simply stand still and do not make any movement for five minutes. It is better to stay away from the keyboard, mouse or controller once you start standing. Once done, you get to unlock the I Found a Job achievement/trophy.

Ending 4 – Baphomet

You must finish the level 1 by defeating boss Baphomet and get his 3D figurine. Make your way to the Mushroom Mind to complete this ending and gain Your Soul is Mine trophy.

Ending 5 – Angel

You must find all of the four Angels and complete level two. You get to unlock Good and Evil trophy/achievement after this ending.

Ending 6 – Succubus

Simply finish the game as Succubus. To do this, play through the Story Mode and once you finish, start the game again on newly-unlocked Succubus Mode.

Ending 7 – Nimrod

You need to pass several other endings to get this final ending. First, finish the game and complete the Evil Ending. Then play again and finish with Succubus ending. You must find all of the parts of the golden statue for you to access the Cathedral's basement. Finally, get the Garments of Adam by killing or possessing the martyr who wears it.

We hope you enjoyed our Agony all endings guide. If you have any videos of these different endings, let us know and we’ll add them!