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Agony Uncensored Video Reveals Extent Of Taboo Content

agony all endings

It's no wonder the Agony uncensored patch has been canned. Madmind Studio's survival horror game for PS4 launched this week, but it took a fair bit of tweaking to get past the ratings board.

This resulted in some scenes being cut, so that it was able to be released. What we do know is right now is that Agony features the following:

  • Gore
  • Brutal sex scenes
  • Lesbian and gay sex scenes
  • Genital physics
  • Eye Gouging
  • Heart plucking
  • Children's heads exploding
  • Setting fire to martyrs or demons
  • Intense violence
  • Strong language
  • Drugs

Agony Uncensored Version Getting A Video

That was just the start of it. Some of the Agony Uncensored scenes have been released on video, and include a violent rape scene, the ability to snap the necks of deformed infants and full sex in which a demon baby is produced shortly afterwards.

WARNING – The following footage is 18+ rated and may cause distress.

So, there's no Agony uncensored patch coming any more, but if you’re that way inclined, you can see what was cut above.

What is Agony?

Agony is a dark fantasy survival horror game set in hell. You play as a tormented soul and have no recollection of your past. Your objective is to escape from hell by solving puzzles, hiding from demons and possessing other martyrs. Agony is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Our Agony review is due to go live shortly.