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Akiba’s Beat first trailer released in English, introducing its story and characters

XSEED Games announced earlier this month it was bringing Akiba’s Beat, the successor to the Akiba’s Trip series, to the West and have released the game’s first Japanese trailer in English.


Set in Akihabara, Tokyo’s anime, games, and electronics district, Akiba’s Beat follows unemployed college dropout Asahi Tachibana and a cast of characters who are stuck in a looping Sunday where they must fight in dungeons filled with monsters called “delusions.”

This action RPG is directed by Kohta Takano and character designs are by UCMM, who are both best known for their work on Divine Gate. The theme song, fittingly titled "again," is performed by J-pop duo ClariS (Madoka Magica, Oreimo opening theme songs). Progress on the game was at about seventy-five percent completion earlier this month.