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Alan Wake 2 Dev Praises Epic Games For Allowing Them To ‘Make The Game We Wanted’

Remedy‘s Thomas Puha has heaped praise on publisher Epic Games for allowing the studio to make the game they wanted to with the recently-released Alan Wake 2, which was eagerly anticipated by fans for around 13 years.

Taking to Twitter, Puha made it clear that Epic Games were fully supportive of Alan Wake 2 during its production.

They let us make the game we wanted. Nothing but supportive. Epic’s production team especially KILLED it on Alan Wake 2. They really care. Never have I read so much good feedback from milestones and have producers play so much of the game constantly.

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Alan Wake 2 was originally in the early stages of production not long after the original game came out back in 2010, but didn’t get very far before Remedy moved onto new IP such as Quantum Break and Control. Fortunately, as part of a new partnership with Epic Games, Alan Wake 2 was resurrected and given a new lease of life for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S, launching on October 27.

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[Source – Thomas Puha on Twitter]