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Alien Isolation Dev ‘Growing Teams Around New IPs,’ Is Still Working On New FPS

SEGA has reiterated that Alien Isolation developer Creative Assembly is still chiselling away on a new first-person shooter, as the publisher focuses its efforts on fresh IP.

New FPS Coming From Alien Isolation Dev

Speaking with, Tim Heaton, chief studios office at SEGA Europe, revealed that the studio is ‘growing teams around new IP.’

What we’re trying to do now is look at new IP. There’s a new FPS game coming from Creative Assembly, and they’re growing teams around new IPs. Our internal studios have this two-pronged strategy: do more with what you’ve got, and think about new IP.

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When we ask for things from Sega Japan, we get the investment from every level. We’ve taken three new studio spaces during lockdown for three of the studios in Europe, finding more space for the future, building out, etc – the sort of opportunities that are counter to people thinking ‘Oh, Sega Sammy are really struggling.’ They’re investing in us at the moment.

It’s still pretty disappointing that Alien Isolation 2 isn’t in the pipeline considering how brilliant the original game was, but there we go. Back in July last year, it was rumored that the new game would be a hero shooter featuring microtransactions.

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