Aliens: Colonial Marines actually managed to sell over 1 million copies

Critically-mauled shoot-‘em-up Aliens: Colonial Marines flogged 1.31 million copies following its release in February, SEGA’s annual financial report has revealed.

The industry giant confirmed that the company’s best performer however was the brilliant racer Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, which shipped 1.36 million copies.

Elsewhere, Football Manager 2013 netted 940,000 sales, while London 2012, the videogame companion to last year’s Olympic Games, sold 680,000 units. The figures represent the North American and European market.

Over in Japan, Yakuza 5 has sold 590,000 units to date, an impressive figure considering it’s a PlayStation 3-exclusive and therefore doesn’t benefit from sales across multiple formats.

SEGA, like many companies, is gearing up for the arrival of PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox, with the report stating, “We also intend to make our game software compatible with next-generation game machines, which are due to be launched.”

Overall, the publisher posted an annual profit of 33.46 billion yen, marking a 53 per cent increase year-on-year. The company has high hopes for next year’s financial report, forecasting an annual profit of 47 billion yen.