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All Future Overwatch 2 Heroes Will Be Unlocked To Players At Launch, Beginning With Season 10

Blizzard has announced a huge change to Overwatch 2, because starting with Season 10, the newest hero, Venture, all future heroes will be free for players to unlock immediately when they launch.

This means that new characters will no longer be locked behind a paywall or players having to grind their way through the battle pass to earn them. They’ll just be there, ready for players to experience, once they enter the fray.

Also, every existing hero will be available to players for free, though if you’re a brand new player to Overwatch in general with Overwatch 2, you’ll still need to go through the process to unlock the starting set of heroes.

In the latest developer update from Blizzard, game director Aaron Keller went over this and other big changes coming in the new season, which is currently set to launch in April.

Another big change coming in Season 10 is how Blizzard dolls out Mythic skins. Starting with Season 10, players will be able to go back to Mythic skins they might’ve missed the first time around through the new Mythic Shop.

Source – [Blizzard]