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Almost Half Of Immortals Of Aveum Dev Ascendant Studios Has Been Laid Off Due To Poor Sales Barely A Month After Aveum’s Release

Immortals Of Aveum arrived on consoles and PC on August 22, 2023, which means that it’s been out for a little more than a month now.

In that time, it seemingly hasn’t sold nearly as well as developer Ascendant Studios and publisher EA would’ve hoped, as Ascendant Studios has reportedly laid off almost half its staff due to the game’s lackluster sales.

A former Ascendant Studios employee told Polygon that the layoffs came from “poor sales,” though its difficult to imagine what constitutes poor sales only a month into the game’s lifecycle, and why an estimated 40 people had to be let go.

For all the excitement around Aveum before its release, it seems like it didn’t land with players in the way Ascendant Studios hoped. It sits at mixed scores on Metacritic, and according to what another former employee told Polygon, it’s “one of Electronic Arts worst selling Originals.”

It’s never great to see layoffs like this, and hopefully all those developers now looking for work land on their feet soon.

Source – [Polygon]