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Amazon Has Unveiled The First Look At The New Fallout TV Series

Amazon Prime Video has been taking on some major-league IPs of late, with it’s latest Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power and a brand new tv series based on Fallout.

We even got a first look at the new tv series today, with a single screenshot posted on the official Prime Video Twitter account.

It’s really not much at all to go on. There’s going to be a vault, which was, kind of to be expected.

Of course the biggest hint is the indication that this is Vault 33, signified by the jumpsuits, which could also mean the three people staring at, presumably, a stranger in the doorway are half of the six General Atomics employees who were granted admittance.

If that is the direction in which the show is going, of course, then Kitler Films involvement makes even more sense, as we could see a new take on AI through the world of Fallout.

Vault 33 as far as one Fallout Wiki is concerned is a vault with six humans, and 33 other “inhabitants” who the six humans soon learn are machines.

Kitler Films is the production company behind HBO’s Westworld. This is already starting to make a lot more sense.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the show soon, as its been more than two years since it was first announced.

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