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[UPDATE]Amazon Reportedly Set To Acquire FIFA Publisher Electronic Arts


CNBC has refuted this story claiming that no such bid is to be made, at least not today. That doesn’t mean that something won’t happen down the line however, so we’ll keep you updated.


Amazon is reportedly set to announce today that it is putting in an offer to snap up publishing giant Electronic Arts, according to sources at GLHF.

EA, the publisher behind video game behemoths such as FIFA, Madden and Apex Legends, has been heavily rumoured to be in the running for a buyout at the hands of not just Amazon, but also Apple and Disney. However, according to the report, Amazon is the one putting in the formal offer.

Given that Amazon has already made huge strides in producing movies and TV shows, having EA’s portfolio would definitely bolster its output. After all, the company is ripe for the picking in terms of IPs, with Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dead Space and many more franchises available to adapt for the small screen.

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Nothing official has been confirmed regarding Amazon’s plans to acquire EA, but we’ll keep you posted.

[Source – FTW USA Today]