Amazon Spain lists possible PS4 Neo release date alongside PSVR

A listing for a ‘new’ PS4 console has been spotted over on Amazon Spain by eagled-eyed folks over on NeoGAF. This news comes hot on the heels of a purported spec and business strategy leak for the new machine. 

The listing, which has since been removed, indicates that a new PS4 console will release on October 13 for €399.99; the very same day as PSVR’s currently projected release date.

Assuming that this isn’t the usual placeholder nonsense and given both the price of the pre-order and the October release date (PS4 developers have been told that game from October onward can and will ship with ‘Neo Mode’ patches) it isn’t unreasonable to posit that this could well be the PS4 Neo.

If you’re in the market for both PSVR and PS4 Neo, then October looks like a killer month for the old wallet. 

Naturally, we have a screen capture of the listing below because we’re nice like that.