amBX to breathe life into PS3 games?

When amBX technology was announced back in 2005, its creator, Philips Research, claimed that it would revolutionize gaming.

Four years later and the technology, which comes in the form of peripherals that produce light, color, rumble and air flow, has been employed in the PC gaming market, but hasn’t quite taken off.

That could be about to change following the announcement that Sony Computer Entertainment has signed a deal with Philips, which will allow the company to develop its peripherals for the Playstation 3.

Most recently Philips released a PC pro gaming bundle for Ubisoft’s Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway, which consisted of a central lighting/control station, a pair of 40W satellite speaker lights, and a powerful 80W subwoofer. It also offered an optional extension kit that consisted of a desktop variable speed fan that simulated wind speed from soldier movement on foot, in the air and in vehicles, as well as punches of airbursts from explosions and object collision.

Sounds pretty impressive, right?

Well, we don’t know anyone who has personally bought into amBX technology and we haven’t heard it mentioned very often, but we did see it being showcased at the Games Convention at Leipzig last year and at that point Philips was saying that it was working on smell technology to bring the likes of burning rubber, smoke, and gunpowder into the living room.

Having recently completed the brilliant Killzone 2, we could see the value of amBX on the Playstation 3. Potentially, it could help to make games feel even more absorbing than they are now. With Sony’s backing, Philips is now going to have even more reason to improve and develop its range more quickly, and it looks like it’s us, PS3 owners, that will see the final benefits.