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Another Hollow Knight: Silksong Rating Has Been Spotted, This Time In Australia

Hollow Knight: Silksong has been rated by another classification board, and this time it’s coming from the country that developer Team Cherry calls home – Australia.

This new rating doesn’t exactly provide any new information on Silksong, unless you count it’s “PG” rating for “Mild Violence.”

What it does do however is give fans a small, tiny morsel of a sign that things with Silksong are moving along, and after years of mostly silence, we might finally be close to the game launching.

Most recently, a rating for Silksong was spotted in South Korea, and at the same time players were able to begin wishlisting the game on Xbox platforms.

Before that, we had a notice from Team Cherry that the game wouldn’t be arriving in 2023, and was pushed into 2024. If it does arrive this year, it’ll have been five years since it was first announced to release.

Which, considering that Team Cherry is a small indie studio, and that as a sequel, Silksong will be trying to be a bigger game than Hollow Knight, isn’t actually that bad of a turnaround time. Not to mention that there’s been a whole pandemic smacked in the middle of that development time.

Hopefully we’ll be able to see more of SIlksong soon.

Source – [Reddit]