Ape Escape: On the Loose Cheats

SnowKidz Snowboarding Mini-Game

Collect 10 Specter Emblems to unlock the SnowKidz snowboarding mini-game.

Specter Boxing Mini-Game

Collect 20 Specter Emblems to unlock the Specter Boxing mini-game.

Jake Attacks Mini-Game

Collect 30 Specter Emblems to unlock the Jake Attacks mini-game.

Ape Ping Pong Mini-Game

Collect 40 Specter Emblems to unlock the Ape Ping Pong mini-game.

Bonus Characters in Ape Ping Pong

Successfully complete tournament mode and defeat Specter and Yellow Pipotron to unlock them in tournament and training mode.

Bonus Characters in Survival Mode of Specter Boxing

Successfully complete Specter Boxing to unlock extra characters. The extra characters include the Boss monkey and Specter. You will also unlock survival mode.

Bonus Level

Capture all apes in all levels to play a bonus level. Defeat Specter to capture him and view the ending.