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Apex Legends Season 16 Will Be More Accessible To Newcomers Than Ever Before With Orientation Matches & Firing Range Upgrade

Apex Legends upcoming Season 16: Revelry will do more than shake-up the game for veteran players. According to Respawn, it’ll also be the most accessible its ever been to newcomers.

Part of this involves the Firing Range getting a huge upgrade, with more updates to be implemented in the future. The most important part of this upgrade however seems to be that the Firing Range will include challenges.

These challenges will be meant to educate new players on common strategies and helpful tips to better arm them against more veteran players.

Orientation Matches are the other part of this new focus of making the game more accessible.

Potentially open to new players only, Orientation Matches pit newcomers against bots to provide a more “low-pressure environment” for new players to really get their Apex feet under them, so to speak.

They’ll be a requirement for new players, and all the matches will be hosted on Kings Canyon.

While it would be understandable for Respawn to make this mode only available to new players up to a certain point, it would be great if a mode like that was available to all players, just as a better form of practice.

That could be the case, for all we know, as Respawn has left out those and other details from this announcement, though surely we’ll know more in the next seven days ahead of Season 16’s launch.

At the very least for now it’s great to see that changes are being made to help Apex Legends retain new players, who too often had been easily discouraged away from the game thanks to the massive knowledge gap that exists when you first jump into an ever-changing battle royale like Apex Legends.

Source – [Respawn]