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Apex Legends Self Revive – How To Heal

apex legends self revive

One of the most important mechanics of Apex Legends is learning how to self-revive. Healing yourself and your squad is crucial in this team-based shooter.

If you get shot in Apex Legends, but you’re just downed and not fully killed, you can revive yourself. Here’s the only way you can do it.

Knockdown Shield

Search supply crates and buildings. You’re looking specifically for a Legendary Knockdown shield. This gold item offers you a one-time chance to self-revive.

In order to find supply drops, listen out for the audio cue and check out the blue circle on the map. A crate will drop from the sky and often holds Legendary equipment.

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How To Revive Team-mates

You can also heal your team-mates if they’re downed. Simply stand next to them and press the square button, but watch out for enemies as this takes around five seconds.

If you’re squad mate is totally down, then you’ll have a limited period to recover their banner and attempt to re-spawn them. Watch the timer ticking down, and reach them to grab their banner.

Once you have it, you need to head to the light green icon on the map. This is a respawn beacon. Hold down square when next to it and you’ll call in a drop-ship and revive your ally.

It could be that Respawn provides more ways to self-revive in an Apex Legends update in the future. For now, however, the only way to bring yourself back to life is with the legendary knockdown shield, otherwise you’ll need to rely on your team-mates.