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Apex Legends Wraith Guide

apex legends wraith guide

Wraith is one of the most complex characters in Apex Legends. Her abilities are unlike other characters in the game, but they’re just as important once you understand how to use them.

In the following Apex Legends Wraith guide, we’ll show you all of Wraith’s abilities and how to use them effectively. We’ll also provide some tips on how these skills can work on the battlefield. We’d class Wraith as an offensive class, though you can also use her abilities defensively.

Wraith’s role in the game is as an Interdimensional Skirmisher. She uses portals, opens up rifts and she can hear voices, which can come in really handy for you and your squad.

Apex Legends All Abilities

  1. Wraith’s passive ability, one that is active all the time, is Voices from the Void. This gives her the ability to hear voices of nearby enemies. Furthermore, you’ll then receive a prompt to flag up that enemy to your team-mates. This is invaluable intel for your team-mates, who may not have spotted incoming danger.
  2. Into the Void can be triggered with the L1 button, and has a cooldown period once it’s been activated. This allows you to move very quickly without taking damage. This ability is perfect for making up ground on an enemy and surprising them up close. It’s also useful for getting out of a combat situation if you’re taking too much damage. You can flee away easily to a safe area to heal.
  3. Dimensional Rift is a Wraith’s ultimate ability. This can be trigger when the meter is full with the L1 and R1 buttons. You’ll immediately place a portal in the location where you activated it. You can them run at speed to another location and place a second portal. Yourself and other players can then use the portal and move swiftly from one area to another.

Apex Legends Dimensional Rift Guide

Rifts can be used in multiple situations. For example, if we’re going in to heal a player as Wraith, we’ll place a portal a distance away from our downed ally. Then we’ll place the second right close to them before healing them. We can then use the portal to escape quickly from any enemies who happen to be around. If you’re near a respawn beacon when a team-mate goes down, drop one right there, and then one near your injured team-mate. You can then warp straight back to the beacon to revive them without back-tracking.

Rifts can also be used to help your team get out of an area quickly if they’re under fire. Just drop the portal by your squad, and run off and place the other portal in a safe area.

There’s so many other ways that you can use Wraith’s Dimensional Rift creatively. For example, to flank a group of enemies. If they spot you, they’ll assume you’ll be in that area and may come to attack. However, place a portal down in that area, rush off to a better strategic location, then let your team follow you. You can then surprise the enemy from an entirely new location.

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