Are Exclusive Games Key to the Success of the PlayStation Plus?

All exclusive games offered on PlayStation Plus, which is the most successful product of the PlayStation for about a decade now, are undoubtedly the key to its constant success and upward stride in the modern online gaming industry. It is the biggest gaming platform on the planet now with about fifty million members. Sony, the owner and the producer of the product is always moving forward to update and add more games on an annual basis making sure that they offer their best to every single member.

The marriage of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now

This rebranding has been eagerly awaited after the failure of PlayStation Now as it was mainly ignored by professional gamers as its downloadable games were not so successful. The company then decided to stop trying to improve it and thought of rebranding the entire project. Finally, they decided to merge PlayStation Now with Playstation Plus offering a huge discount to subscribers who are interested in both with additional features and benefits. After paying an affordable additional amount the subscriber will also get access to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 game catalog including the most exclusive ones, namely, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Returnal.

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What are some of the most successful PlayStation Plus games?

Mortal Kombat 11, Death Stranding, and God of War are among the most successful exclusive games offered by Sony that are the pride of its library attracting millions of gamers around the globe. Besides adding dozens of new games to their services, the company is always updating the older ones to offer a better user experience and help the gamer community stay together for a longer time. On its official website, the PlayStation Plus keeps updating its catalog of what it will be offering soon in the future and what games are updated.

Jim Ryan from PlayStation thinks that all the publishers will constantly grow the library. The platform enjoys a lot of positive feedback and huge customer satisfaction from both the old and new subscribers because each and every element of all exclusive games are constantly improving to offer more value to them. The amount they have to pay is so reasonable because they receive bundles and bundles of their favorites with reliable streaming services. Having a wide variety to choose from helps meet the interests, needs, and demands of players from all age groups, professions, locations, sex, and backgrounds.

The audience is keen to get answers to various questions they have about the new subscription that will be launched very soon. The gamers are so optimistic and curious because they believe that the features and benefits of PlayStation Plus will be truly valuable.