ARK: Survival Evolved devs claim cross-play would only take days to do

console crossplay

Just this month alone, the studio behind ARK: Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard, has gone on record to say that not only have they managed to make cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One working internally, but that the only thing blocking it from being a reality is Sony themselves

Speaking to Eurogamer, Studio Wildcard co-founder Jeremy Stieglitz admitted that Sony called them up about their earlier remarks, though he reiterated that they have PS4, Xbox One cross-play working internally, and that if policies change, it wouldn’t take the studio "more than a few days" to enable it.

"Technically it’s doable…There’s nothing preventing it. And yes, we have it running internally. We think it’s cool and we would like to make it happen, so if the policies change we’d like to be first in line to turn it on. It honestly would not take us more than a few days to enable it."

While Microsoft has confirmed that they have been talking to Sony about it, Sony has yet to issue a proper response to not letting studios like Studio Wildcard enable it. Of course, given the PS4’s super significant lead in terms of hardware sales, it does make business sense for Sony to have non-PS4 owners buy a PS4 in order to play with their buddies. 

Should Sony finally cave in and let studio’s enable cross-platform play for consoles? Would it be doing more good than harm for their brand if they do it? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Eurogamer via Gamasutra