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Arrowhead CEO Confirms Helldivers 2 Won’t Be Getting A Bespoke Co-Op Story Mode

Helldivers 2 arrived on the scene and surprised everyone with how fun it is to play and how fun it is to role-play within the little story the game offers.

It’s a multiplayer game first and foremost, but the narrative you follow that is Super Earth spreading democracy and how its efforts are going across different battlefronts is one players get deep into.

Which leads players directly into imaging how cool it would be to play a proper story mode, something that’s still co-op based but perhaps with more linear missions with large set-pieces.

If you think that sounds like something cool Arrowhead could do, you’re not wrong – but it won’t be happening. Confirmation of this came down from Arrowhead’s chief executive officer, Shams Jorjani, who replied to a fan asking Arrowhead to release a story mode.

“Not happening. Sorry bro. That’s like building an entirely new game,” he said in response. A disappointing answer for anyone who’d happily play a story mode in Helldivers 2, sure.

But Jorjani’s point still stands that to simply ask Arrowhead to ‘make a story mode’ is a lot more work than the average player might think. It would be extremely difficult, if not practically impossible, for Arrowhead to keep the main multiplayer mode up and running, create new content for that and then create this story mode that could potentially warrant even more content be made after its initial launch.

And that’s all before even getting into whether or not Arrowhead wants to go down this road. If it did, then it probably would’ve already done it/been working on it.

Source – [Twitter via Insider Gaming]