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Ascendant Studios Explains That Its Recent Layoffs Were Down To Poor Game Sales In Crowded Market

Immortals of Aveum developer Ascendant Studios has said that its recent layoffs were the result of poor game sales in a crowded market space.

Speaking during an interview with Xbox Expansion Pass, the company’s CEO, Bret Robbins, revealed that Immortals of Aveum sadly didn’t meet its target, and as Ascendant Studios is an independent outfit, its bottom line requires the studio to sell a lot of copies to achieve success.

It’s a crazy time right now. There’s an article every day about some kind of huge layoff, and it’s unfortunate. It’s certainly the hardest thing I’ve had to do. You work really hard with people, they’ve put their faith in you and their trust in you, and you want to honour that as much as you can, so when you have to make a decision like that it really sucks.

We are an independent company. We’re not EA, we’re not a large organisation. Our bottom line required us to sell a lot of video games, and we didn’t meet our targets, and that’s just the unfortunate dollars and cents of it, and that means we had to do some layoffs.

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Elsewhere, Robbins said that it is speaking to Sony to Microsoft about the possibility of bringing Immortals of Aveum to PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, respectively.